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Our Mission

To support local Haitian organizations in addressing Haiti's education crisis.  Together, our goal is to develop successful, sustainable, and replicable solutions to the problems of illiteracy and low school completion rates in Jacmel, Haiti.

Our Projects

Despite abject poverty, parents are expected to pay fees for their children to attend school.  HEI provides scholarships for tuition and school supplies to make education possible for these children.  We support the growth and development of these students through vocational training and nutrition. Within our program, 95% of our students are promoted to the next grade.

Please help us to nurture our kids

HEI works each day to keep our 208 students fed, clothed, and supported in school. Our job training programs are still filled. The kids need us more than ever! Famine, inflation, and political unrest make food and supplies hard to obtain and school attendance uneven. With your help, we keep kids focused on school and skills as we feed them the only cooked meal they may eat all week.


Your donation will help us continue to be a vital force for good in one of the world’s poorest places. Thank you for your contribution!

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