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Food Kits

The children in our program may be the only members of their families to have access to meals. Families become extremely stressed when winter drought or summer hurricanes destroy the food supply, which happens about twice a year. They have been further challenged by the surge in food prices in Haiti over the last year. We provide emergency meal kits that can feed one child and her family of 6-8 people for a month. 

After School Programs

​Keeping children safe and helping them develop new social skills after school is an important part of helping increase school retention. In the after school program, children meet our supervisors in morning or afternoon sessions to complete their homework in a safe, calm, and well-supervised environment where they can get one-on-one assistance as well as a nourishing snack. Our partners also gather the children to teach local arts & crafts, dance, sewing, agriculture and hygiene.

Summer Camp

​The streets are a dangerous place for children so summer camp provides a safe haven.  The program reinforces academic skills with time to explore new activities.  The children balance reading and computer training with sports, cooking, art, music, dance, needlework and dressmaking.  

Vocational Training

To create a brighter future for our students we recognize we must give them skills that will help them support themselves and their families.  Our current programs focus on tailoring, computer literacy​, cooking and crafts.  Expansion of this program to include farming, construction and auto-mechanics is our next project.


Fees for School

It costs about $200 per year for a child to attend school in Jacmel. This covers tuition, books, school supplies, uniforms and backpacks.  Ninety percent of the schools in Haiti are private schools, and even the public schools charge fees. 

Food Program

Illnesses and developmental problems associated with malnutrition cause many children to drop out of school. It’s not unusual for children to eat only a little bit of cornmeal mush once a day.  To keep children focused on learning, our partners provide snacks in the after school program and a cooked meal for the students in the weekly vocational training program.

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