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At Haitian Educational Initiatives (HEI), we believe every child, no matter how poor, should have a chance to go to school. To rebuild itself, Haiti needs a population that can read and community leaders trained to manage positions of responsibility. Long term solutions to Haiti's problems must be developed by the Haitians themselves. Our mission is to help the Haitian people help each other, starting with primary education.

HEI is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that supports Haitian-led initiatives that enable impoverished children to attend public or private school by providing funds for school fees, uniforms, learning materials and related necessities, as well as after-school homework tutoring,  job training, summer camp and food programs. We currently embrace over 200 children in our programs. We also train our Haitian partners to develop consolidate, sustain, and replicate their own models for success for leaders in other communities. Together, we and our Haitian partners are slowly rebuilding Haiti, child by child.

Please Help Us Educate a Child!


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